Hawkeye Aerial Imaging Solutions, LLC (Hawkeye) provides aerial photo and video services to a wide variety of clients.  We use our artistic and piloting skills to showcase your event, business, organization, residential real estate, commercial real estate or sports venue from a perspective, that until the passage of 14 CFR Part 107, was only available by engaging expensive manned aircraft.  With the advent of sUAS’s  (small unmanned aircraft systems) technology or “drones”, beautiful and breathtaking aerial views can now be achieved at a fraction of the cost.  Camera technology for these new drones is as impressive as the aircraft, boasting 4K video and up to 25 megapixel photos.  Hawkeye uses “high-end” drones and cameras for its operations.  Hawkeye’s hangar consists of (1) a DJI Inspire 2 aircraft outfitted with DJI’s new X7 professional camera, (2) 2 DJI Inspire 1 quadcopters (quads) equipped with DJI’s proprietary X3 and X5 Professional 4K cameras, (3) a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, (4) a DJI Mavic 2 Pro and (5) a Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ 4K quad that operates with Yuneec’s CGO3+ 4K cameras.  As technology progresses in the sUAS environment, Hawkeye will upgrade to the “latest and greatest” aircraft and cameras to ensure that YOU, our clients, receive the highest quality imagery available.  For most video missions, Hawkeye uses a very complex autopilot application, that enables the Remote Pilot in Command to pre-program flight paths and focal strategies, thus permitting the pilot to concentrate on other mission critical duties while simultaneously, monitoring the images being captured by the aerial cameras.

Hawkeye uses professional quality applications for post-production services.  Final Cut Pro X is used for video editing whereas Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Luminar are utilized for photos. Additionally, should a client request, we do and have incorporated appropriate royalty free music into video projects.

Ron Talley, co-owner of Hawkeye Aerial Imaging Solutions, LLC, is a FAA certificated sUAS pilot under 14 CFR Part 107 and is fully insured. All aircraft used in Ron’s enterprise are appropriately registered with the FAA. His wife, Debbie (co-owner), and step-son, Jesse, participate in the operation as co-pilot and visual observer(s). Hawkeye uses a visual observer to enhance safety and situational awareness in its operations, which is paramount when flying a sUAV (drone)…we take safety seriously when conducting flight operations by following the guidelines promulgated by the new Part 107 regulations.

Ron has been a photographer for over 40 years and for the past few years, became interested in flying drones as a hobbyist. As the camera technology progressed, it was apparent the images captured with these new aerial cameras were quite impressive. As a result, Ron decided to create an enterprise that would provide reasonably priced, high quality imagery for businesses and individuals who wish to market their organizations or events utilizing the stunning perspective afforded by aerial photography and videography. In addition to sUAV aerial imaging, Hawkeye utilizes professional quality ground cameras for still photography and video to supplement a project as deemed necessary.

Hawkeye has provided aerial imaging services to a variety of clients that include Hidden Springs Senior Living, Winchester Medical Center, Hampshire Memorial Hospital, War Memorial Hospital, Valley Health, Shenandoah Memorial Hospital, Warren Memorial Hospital, Nerangis Management Corporation., as well as various residential real estate projects.






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