Aerial Photography

People are fascinated with aerial imagery. Because of the oblique angles afforded by aerial photography, images from the sky give us a perspective that is unique and pleasing to the human eye. Aerial photographs make a profound impact by providing an overall picture that is not possible with ground cameras. Who can benefit from aerial imagery? Just about everybody…farms, orchards, engineers, schools, universities, businesses, hospitals, construction companies, sports venues, golf courses, and realty companies, just to name a few. The list is endless!!

Our sUAVs (drones) give us the ability to capture beautiful high resolution aerial photographs that can’t be accomplished with any other type of platform. Photos can be taken anywhere between the surface and 400 feet above ground level (AGL) and with live camera viewing from our control station and full GPS lock, we are able to capture photographs at the altitudes and locations our clients request. By utilizing multiple drone setups, we can obtain resolutions of between 12 megapixels and 16 megapixels with no distortion or what is called “fisheye”. Please refer to Hawkeye’s “About” page for a list of the aircraft and cameras used in our aerial photography operations. Whether you are a business looking to diversify your marketing strategies or an individual wanting to preserve precious memories, Hawkeye can provide stunning, high resolution aerial photographs for you.

Aerial Videography

sUAV (drone) cameras have added a whole new dimension to videography…but what is videography. Well, videography is simply the process of capturing moving images on electronic media. Videography can also be described as the art of shooting video. It’s a way to provide viewers of your material a cinematic experience by employing modern techniques to make your footage look edgy, colorful and full of life. No matter what you are videoing, the key or theme is for the footage to tell a story. It may be a very subtle tale or a dramatic statement on issues of the day or times. Or the motion video may tell a story about your business, event or individual achievement.

Hawkeye utilizes the same aerial cameras for motion video as it does for photography. These cameras have 4K high resolution capability and provide dazzling motion video imagery. Additionally, Hawkeye typically uses an application that enables pre-programming of flight paths and focal strategies, which, once programmed, can be read by the drone from the control station permitting autonomous flight. This insures a stable motion picture and requires less time at the client’s site. The resulting images can be reviewed onsite allowing adjustments to be made to the autonomous mission if it is found to be unacceptable or just needs to be “tweaked” in order to get the desired effect. In telling the story through motion video, we sometimes suggest using royalty-free music to enhance the motion picture experience for viewers of your story. We also incorporate still images to enhance or supplement the motion video we shoot. Hawkeye uses professional grade ground cameras for still images…most recently we have been delighted with the results we have obtained with the Canon 5D Mark iii. Considerable post-production editing is sometimes required with videography since we are combining several pieces of digital media in order to convey the client’s story in the most favorable light.

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